We Support After-School Programs

On Friday March 24, 2017 we uploaded a very important 10 minute video which illustrates the absolute importance of after school programs.

In April 2011, we were invited to attend an After-School All-Stars Los Angeles event. We found ourselves a good spot and broke out our flip HD video camera. Caught on our video camera was one of the speakers, a young girl, Reshanda Gray who shared her story how her after school program inspired her and changed her life.

Little did we know that six years later in 2017 how important it would be to release the footage from that very special night.

We must not allow President Donald J. Trump to cut all funding of after school programs across the nation. On the contrary, he must step up the funding and do everything that can be done in order to support and partner with after school organizations across the country.

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Creativity comes when it comes. You never know when inspiration will hit you so you better  be ready. positiveSOUL Productions is always ready, always mobile and always moving.

Music done the positiveSOUL Productions way have some criteria, expectations, goals, direction and purpose. On our website you can listen to some of our releases and learn about what psp does, creates and produces.

Everything is geared towards positivity, encouragement, spreading love through music and education.

Although the focus of psp is absolutely the creation, production and distribution of authentic and genuine music, psp owner & founder, Al Campos also stands for education and personal development & improvement.