We Support After-School Programs

On Friday March 24, 2017 we uploaded a very important 10 minute video which illustrates the absolute importance of after school programs.

In April 2011, we were invited to attend an After-School All-Stars Los Angeles event. We found ourselves a good spot and broke out our flip HD video camera. Caught on our video camera was one of the speakers, a young girl, Reshanda Gray who shared her story how her after school program inspired her and changed her life.

Little did we know that six years later in 2017 how important it would be to release the footage from that very special night.

We must not allow President Donald J. Trump to cut all funding of after school programs across the nation. On the contrary, he must step up the funding and do everything that can be done in order to support and partner with after school organizations across the country.

Message from pSp artist


This is Al Campos and as I sit here in Copenhagen looking out of my studio window (and before I hit the pavement for a 10K walk) to beautiful sunshine, blue skies with friendly & fluffy clouds sailing by, I am inspired to share some of the latest news of exciting and inspiring activities I have had the pleasure of partaking in.


Paroisse St Jean Baptiste, Glacis (1882)

For example, in February I was visiting the Seychelles with my family. One Sunday morning I decided to find the local church near my hotel where  I heard a local gospel choir singing for the morning service. As I sat there enjoying the service, I thought of how much fun it would be to do a small workshop with the choir and musicians during one of their rehearsal evenings.

I waited until the service was over when I introduced myself to the choir and pianist. I offered to come and work with the choir and perhaps teach them a couple of songs that I normally do with my other choirs in Europe. They all loved the idea.

This photo shows the small choir & piano player during our one evening together singing Praises in this wonderful church on a magnificent island.

IMG_6545Recently I was visiting Florence Italy where I had the great pleasure of meeting this amazing gospel musician, singer & instructor, Pastor Nehemiah H. Brown.

Like myself, he is an American living in Europe for over 20 years. He’s a son of a pastor like myself and when he’s not preaching, he’s teaching gospel and vocal techniques throughout Europe.

We had such a great time meeting each other, dining together and spending time talking about teaching and sharing Gospel music. After a few hours hanging in his favourite Greek restaurant in Florence, he invited me to come and be a guest singer for a Sunday night service with his choir and band.

What a great experience it was to be singing Praise & Gospel in a wonderful old church in the middle of Florence Italy. An experience I look forward to doing again in the near future.


Welcome to positiveSOUL Productions (psp)


Songwriting in Zanzibar

Creativity comes when it comes. You never know when inspiration will hit you so you better  be ready. positiveSOUL Productions is always ready, always mobile and always moving.

Music done the positiveSOUL Productions way have some criteria, expectations, goals, direction and purpose. On our website you can listen to some of our releases and learn about what psp does, creates and produces.

Everything is geared towards positivity, encouragement, spreading love through music and education.

Although the focus of psp is absolutely the creation, production and distribution of authentic and genuine music, psp owner & founder, Al Campos also stands for education and personal development & improvement.