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Each website is like a song, a composition and expression of what you want to communicate. positiveSOUL Productions composes and collaborates like Mozart swings with Miles.

In 1999, Al Campos was attending a fulltime education for Multi-Media Web Design in Copenhagen.

Naturally as part of this education each student had to create a working website, coded in HTML, with functioning links and images edited in Adobe Photoshop.

positiveSOUL Productions

For his project Al Campos would build a website that communicated his love for music, composition, business and entrepreneurship. He also needed a domain name that best described the site he was building for his presentation. He needed a name that described the genre of music he composed as well as the kind of name that could express his overall attitude towards life and for business.

Luckily, very few people in 1999 knew about the importance of purchasing and securing domain names. Sitting in class, Al purchased the domain name, which is a very strong name and it describes our principles clearly.

This was the birth of positiveSOUL Productions.

Whether it is music we are producing or websites, it must be a positive experience and with lots of soul. We are an entity that produces music, performs with selected artists and are focused on education.

We build creative, simple, useful and beautiful websites.

Here are a few examples.

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